Do you know the Pineau des Charentes vinegar? its delicate flavour will bring a subtle touch to your recipes; white or red, this vinegar is produced by Françoise Fleuriet in Rouillac, Charente (16), France, together with many other exquisite products.
The variety of beetroot called « crapaudine » is not as known as the turnip-rooted beet but yet excellent. It's a tap-rooted beet with a wrinkled skin reminding the skin of a toad ("crapaud" in French... hence the name "crapaudine"!). It has a sweet flavour and the soil is important to produce this specific variety. It happens that the Charentes lands are just right for its production and a group of farmers produces 80% of the total French production! If you can find it raw, you will benefit even more from its food-value.

The "crapaudine" beetroot is sold on the markets during the season (October to February), but you can also get it directly by contacting some producers... as the two mentioned below :
Gérard Archambaud in Sainte Lheurine (06 12 53 88 34)
GAEC du Nobla, Eric, Laurent and Thierry Pouzet in Neuillac : 06 24 11 85 40 ou 05 46 70 24 28